‘Voice’ screenwriter unveils plans for the show’s fifth season

Ma Jin-won also expressed her gratitude towards actor Song Seung-heon for his performance in 'Voice 4'

Ma Jin-won, the writer behind the critically-acclaimed South Korean thriller series Voice, has shared her thoughts on a possible fifth season.

Voice first premiered on South Korean cable television channel OCN back in 2017. Concluding its first season in March that year, the thriller series set new records for the broadcast station and led OCN to order three more seasons. The hit K-drama follows the lives of a team of emergency call centre and dispatch members as they fight solve crimes using the sounds they hear.

Following the recent conclusion of the drama’s fourth season in late July, Ma has revealed her plans for an upcoming fifth season of Voice, which includes centring on the show’s main protagonist, policewoman Kang Kwon-joo, who is played by Lee Ha-na (Women of the Sun) in all four seasons.


Speaking to South Korean news outlet Newsis, Ma said that Voice 4‘s conclusion was planned with a bigger picture in mind. “The Season 4 ending was meant to hint at the start of Kang Kwon-joo’s narrative, and it’s correct that we intentionally did some foreshadowing for Season 5,” she said, per Soompis translation.

She teased that the fifth season will “reveal the secrets of Kang Kwon Joo’s hearing, perhaps the most important story of Voice”. Ma also added that it would “close out” the world created by the show’s past few seasons. However, the schedule for the upcoming season has yet to be announced.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ma also praised actor Song Seung-heon (Black, Dinner Mate), who joined the cast of Voice in its fourth season as a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department, Derek Jo.

“I said it could be a difficult character, but Song Seung-heon gladly took the challenge,” Ma said. “I’m sincerely thankful that he was the best detective Derek Jo.”

“I obviously had expectations for his action scenes, but he did well beyond what I predicted,” Ma added. “I also heard that the crew on set felt touched when he completed many action scenes without a stunt double, even when climbing a two-story railing without a wire or running into a car.”


Past seasons of the Voice featured appearances from actors Jang Hyuk and Lee Jin-wook, who starred as Kang Kwon-joo’s partners Moo Jin-hyuk (in season one) and Do Kang-woo (seasons two and three), respectively.

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