Watch James Corden spoof ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ in new sketch

"I'm spitting diamonds here, John"

James Corden has parodied The Beatles: Get Back in a new sketch on The Late Late Show.

The actor and comedian released a short clip in which he plays a character called Gary Thump, joining The Beatles for their recording session as they try and write ‘Let It Be’.

Corden shared the clip on social media, writing, “Apparently The Beatles: Get Back doc left out a key figure,” referring to his character.


Watch the video here:

After letting Paul McCartney sing the first chorus, Corden as Thump jumps in and says: “A for effort, but Let It Be Let It Shmee, honestly.”

He then plays a string of snippets of his own songs, including ‘Jerry the Jolly Yogini’, ‘Omnipotent Jelicopter’,  and ‘(Three Little) Silly Sheep’.

The footage, restored from the archives by Peter Jackson, cuts between the existing clips from the documentary series showing the Beatles, and the new spoof footage created by Corden.

Corden then addresses John Lennon, saying: “I’m spitting diamonds here, John.”


He finishes the clip by singing brief interludes from three fake tracks: ‘Chicken Tonight’, ‘Potato Waffles’ and ‘I Am The Kumquat’, and apologising for being on “a lot of drugs”.

In a five-star review of The Beatles: Get Back, NME wrote: “It is precisely because of Get Back‘s lax editorial policy that it succeeds.

“You might not be able to say anything new about The Beatles in 2021, but Jackson hasn’t tried. He’s shown us instead.”