Watch Jimmy Fallon roast Jeff Bezos on ‘The Tonight Show’

"This guy buys James Bond and a ticket to space"

Jimmy Fallon has taken a swipe at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on The Tonight Show – you can watch it below.

Marking the first episode of the show with a full live audience since the coronavirus pandemic began, the talk show host spoke about the US heatwave, Logan Paul and Bezos in his opening monologue.

“Welcome to The Tonight Show, everybody,” Fallon began his opening monologue. “We have comedy, we have celebrities, we have music,” said the host, who in March welcomed in a reduced-capacity audience back to 30 Rock. “We have a full audience tonight—and most importantly, we have air conditioning.”


Addressing Bezos’ recent headlines about his first trip to space, Fallon went on: “Jeff Bezos just announced that next month, he’ll be flying aboard his company’s first manned rocket to space.

“Bezos will be the first person in space to look down and say, ‘I actually can see my house from here.’”

Addressing Amazon’s recent acquisition of MGM studios, which produces the James Bond Franchise, he added: “After the country reopened, most people bought a new bathing suit, maybe some hard seltzer. This guy buys James Bond and a ticket to space.”

Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with The Roots to cover Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driver’s license’ in sea shanty style during a January episode of The Tonight Show.

The pair jumped on the bandwagon of the sea shanty trend kickstarted by Scottish postman Nathan Evans.


Meanwhile, back in October, it was reported that the much delayed James Bond movie No Time To Die was costing MGM around $1million per month in interest.

A report by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the delay of the Daniel Craig-starring film due to the coronavirus pandemic is costing MGM Studios around $1million in interest per month on the money it borrowed to make it, which it won’t be able to recoup until the movie opens in cinemas.