Watch the first trailer for ‘Tiger King’ spin-off series ‘The Doc Antle Story’

Antle was indicted in 2020 on charges of wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty

A first-look at Netflix‘s Tiger King spin-off The Doc Antle Story has been launched ahead of its release on December 10.

The three-part documentary will spotlight private zoo operator Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who was indicted in 2020 by a grand jury on charges of wildlife trafficking, animal cruelty and violations of the Endangered Species Act.

A synopsis for the trailer reads: “A lifelong showman, Doc Antle has built his various careers on theatrics, attracting a slew of admirers along the way. But beneath the eccentric, animal-loving facade lies a predator far more dangerous than his beloved big cats and a man shadier than any of his Tiger King counterparts.


“Over three episodes, Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story unpacks the truth about Doc, as witnesses come forward to share their troubling stories of abuse and intimidation that set him at the top of the food chain.”

Watch the trailer in full below:

Antle was last seen in Tiger King, where he was accused by Joe Exotic of euthanising tigers to make room for further breeding. Additionally, a former employee came forward with allegations that Antle slept with many of the women working at his zoo, although Antle  denied both claims.

Elsewhere, Jeff Johnson, who appeared in Tiger King, recently died at the age of 58. The former reptile dealer died after taking his own life in front of his wife in September, Oklaholma police told TMZ.


Johnson featured briefly in the fourth episode of Tiger King’s first season, where he discusses his past friendship with the documentary’s subject, Joe Exotic, and shared his views on animal rights activist Carole Baskin.