Watch the teaser trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of sci-fi manga ‘Spriggan’

The sci-fi anime is set to arrive in 2022

Netflix has shared a new teaser trailer for its upcoming anime adaptation of Spriggan, the 1989 manga by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa.

The teaser, unveiled on Friday (July 9), offers a brief glimpse at the modus operandi of “Spriggans”, who are covert agents operating under a secret organisation. The Netflix series is scheduled to premiere in 2022, although a firm release date has not been announced.

Watch the teaser trailer below.


Set in the final years of the Cold War, Spriggan follows You Ominae, a high school student who leads a double life as an elite covert agent for the ARCAM Corporation. Ominae is tasked with recovering and protecting powerful ancient artefacts left behind by an ancient civilisation.

Spriggan will be developed by David Production, the animation studio behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The series will be led by director Hiroshi Kobayashia (Kill la Kill) and writer Hiroshi Seko (Attack On Titan).

The sci-fi action series was first announced in 2019 and was set to release this year, but has been delayed, possibly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Along with the teaser, Netflix released the series key art on social media.


Prior to the release of the upcoming Netflix anime, Spriggan was adapted into a 1998 anime film directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki (Ghost In The Shell), supervised by director Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Steamboy), and produced by Studio 4°C (Mind Game, Transformers: Animated).