Watch the trailer for Taiwanese horror ‘Detention: The Series’

Based on a video game of the same name, it will be set in the White Terror period

Netflix has released the trailer for Detention: The Series, which premieres in December.

Based on the 2017 Taiwanese adventure game of the same name, Detention: The Series revolves around transfer student Yunxiang Liu (Lingwei Lee) as she encounters the ghost of Ruixin Fang (Ning Han) at a forbidden area in her school.

Just like the game, the series will also be set in the White Terror era, an authoritarian period in Taiwan that took place from 1947 to 1987.


Watch the trailer below.

The series will premiere worldwide on December 5. It will have eight episodes, which will go live every Saturday at 9PM CST.

Detention: The Series was produced by Shih-Ken Lin and Yi-Lin Lin, while directors I-Hsuan Su, Shiang-An Chuang, and I-Ling Lin were in charge of different episodes.

A live-action film adaptation of Detention premiered in 2019. It was directed by John Hsu and starred Gingle Wang, Tseng Chin-Hua and Cecilia Choi. The film won Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction, and Best Original Film Song, as well as Best New Director for Hsu at the 56th Golden Horse Awards.


Detention: The SeriesĀ was made in collaboration with Taiwan Public Television. It’s the newest addition to Netflix’s Chinese Language Originals collection.