Watching the hair-raising teaser for Han Ye-ri upcoming thriller series ‘Hometown’

The show will premiere on tvN next month

South Korean television network tvN has released a new trailer for Hometown, its upcoming thriller series starring Minari actress Han Ye-ri.

In the spine-tingling clip, Jo Jung-hyun (played by Han) is haunted by chilling nightmares before suddenly waking up in terror. The teaser also features shots of Um Tae-goo as terrorist Jo Kyung-ho, as he ominously plays with a lighter.

Hometown is a mystery thriller series that follows a detective (played by Yoo Jaemyung), who heads to a small rural town to investigate a string of unsolved murders and crosses paths with Jung-hyun, as she searches for her kidnapped niece.


Hometown is set to premiere on South Korean television network tvN on September 22. The series will also star child actresses Lee Re and Heo Jung-eun, as well as model Kim Ye-eun in supporting roles.

The forthcoming series is also Han’s first lead TV role since her critically acclaimed performance in the award-winning American drama Minari. Last year, she appeared in the cast of another tvN series, My Unfamiliar Family.

In other K-drama news, the main cast of the popular South Korean TV series Hospital Playlist – Jo Jung-suk, Jung Kyung-so, Jeon Mi-do, Yoo Yeon-seok and Kim Dae-myung – are set to star in their very own variety series.

However, the show is currently only in the “planning stage”. The network also noted that various details, such as the title, shooting schedule and location, have yet to be decided.