‘We Are Who We Are’ star says HBO drama “helped me figure out that I’m gender fluid”

Jordan Kristine Seamón said she now sees herself in a new light thanks in part to the show

We Are Who We Are star Jordan Kristine Seamón has said the HBO drama helped her figure out that she’s gender fluid.

In the show, Seamón stars as Caitlin (sometimes called Harper), who over the course of the eight episodes comes to terms with a desire to be seen as male, with help from new friend and soulmate Fraser (played by Jack Dylan Grazer).

Speaking in a new interview, Seamón explained that after spending the last few years reckoning with her sexuality she now sees herself in a new light thanks in part to the show.


“I had never questioned gender identity at all,” she told The Guardian. “Mostly because where I’m from it wasn’t talked about, just because it was foreign to us. The show really helped me in a very healthy way figure out that I’m gender fluid and that I like going by all pronouns.”

Seamón’s social profiles describe her pronoun preferences as “she/they”, which she explained was fuelled in part by her preparation for her role in We Are Who We Are.

“It’s not specifically said in the script what Caitlin identifies as and who they feel like they are, so I had to do my own research,” she said. “I was scrolling through social media and I saw some mention of gender fluidity and I was curious.”

After realising that people were referring to her character with multiple pronouns, Seamón said it was “easy for me, Jordan, to feel whether that felt good or not for me. And it did”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Seamón talked about her debut album, ‘Identity Crisis’, which she released last year under the moniker J.K. Written on set in Italy, she explained that it “was very heavily influenced by the show”.


“My character was going through an identity crisis and while playing my character I started to go through a very similar identity crisis, so I felt the need to write about it,” she said.

Meanwhile, We Are Who We Are star Kid Cudi was the musical guest on last weekend’s (April 10) episode of Saturday Night Live.

For the first of his two performances, Cudi donned a floral dress designed by Virgil Abloh for a rendition of ‘Sad People’. He then performed ‘Tequila Shots’ surrounded by lasers, while wearing a green cardigan with a t-shirt bearing late SNL cast member Chris Farley.

Both outfits were references to Kurt Cobain — who died by suicide in the same week in 1994 — with the floral dresses something he wore at Nirvana performances, award shows, and most famously on the cover of The Face in 1993.

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