Woo Do-hwan on his love of acting: “I’m a person who can’t live without this job”

“I parted from it for a year and a half and as expected I couldn’t stay away”

South Korean actor Woo Do-hwan has opened up about his love of acting and how it has strengthened since he returned from military service.

Woo, who is best known for his roles in 2020’s The King: Eternal Monarch and the 2019 film The Divine Fury, recently returned to the South Korean acting scene after the end of his two-year military conscription early last month. The actor is set to make his return in Netflix’s upcoming K-drama Hunting Dogs as its lead.

Speaking on his enthusiasm to make his acting comeback, Woo spoke to GQ Korea about how his personal relationship with his profession has panned out over the years. “Before [going into acting], I was afraid of the reactions from people around me when I would say ‘I’m going to be an actor’,” he told the publication, as translated by Soompi.


“No matter what people around me said, I needed the courage to not be hurt. That much was the energy I wanted desperately,” he said. Though his passion for acting has since become stronger than ever, Woo revealed that this hasn’t always been the case for him. “I think it took time until I could love acting that much,” he recalled.

“Of course there are times where this job is hard, there are times when I hate it, but ultimately I’m a person that can’t live without this job,” he confessed, before adding that he “I parted from it for a year and a half and as expected I couldn’t stay away”.

Woo is set to star on Hunting Dogs as Gun Woo, a promising boxer who is forced to quit in order to pay off his mother’s immense debt to a vicious loan shark. He’s eventually hired by a notorious CEO in the moneylending business, who one day disappears without a trace. Hunting Dogs is scheduled to air sometime this year.