‘All Of Us Are Dead’ actor Yoon Chan-young and Girl’s Day member Minah star in teaser for K-drama ‘Delivery Man’

Available to stream via Viu on March 1

South Korean streaming platform Genie TV has shared a new teaser for its upcoming K-drama series Delivery Man.

Starring All Of Us Are Dead‘s Yoon Chan-young and Girl’s Day member Minah, Delivery Man follows a taxi driver who has the ability to see ghosts and a ghost who suffers from memory loss who join forces to solve a crime.

The new teaser, which dropped earlier today (February 2), starts with taxi driver Seo Young-min (played by Yoon) in the middle of a graveyard shift when he comes across the ghost Kang Ji-hyun (played by Minah, who is credited as Bang Minah), who is spookily trudging along the road. However, when she attempts to walk away from the taxi, a mysterious force pulls her into the passenger seat of the car, scaring Young-min.


Delivery Man is set to premiere its first episode via South Korean streamer Genie TV and Viu on March 1.

Aside from the series’ leading actors, Bloody Romance star Kim Min-suk is also set to star in a supporting role as a character named Do Kyu-jin. Other members of its cast have yet to be unveiled. The show was directed by both Park Dae-hee and Kang Sol, both of whom previously worked together on 2021’s Show Window: The Queen’s House.

In other K-drama news, D.P actor Song Duk-ho has recently announced a career hiatus amid allegations he engaged illegal broker services to evade South Korea’s mandatory military service. The star’s agency, Bistus Entertainment, issued a statement revealing that Song had been stepped down from the filming of a drama and will continue to be involved in “additional investigations” into the matter, admitting that he had received his military exemption through “improper” means.

“[Song] is deeply reflecting on the incident and would like to apologise to those he disappointed,” the company added. The extent of his involvement in the upcoming second season of Netflix’s D.P is unclear at present.

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