‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2 to premiere in June, confirms TVING

Ready for a new season of ‘Yumi’s Cells’?

Popular K-drama series Yumi’s Cells is set to return for its second season in June.

Today (April 26), streaming platform TVING took to Instagram to share the first official poster for the upcoming season of Yumi’s Cells featuring Kim Go-eun, who stars as its titular character. “The second story of Yumi and the cells,” reads a post-it note on the poster, which also reveals that the show will return sometime in June.


Soon after, TVING also uploaded a series of clips of the animated “cells” from the first season of Yumi’s Cells to commemorate the official announcement of its second season.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Lee Dong-gun, the first season of Yumi’s Cells chronicled the life of ordinary office worker Kim Yumi, with the story told from the perspective of her brain cells, who dictate her thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the first season, Yumi’s “love cells” fall into a coma after a failed relationship and her brain cells try to wake up her unconscious cells through a relationship with the straightforward game developer Goo Woong, played by Ahn Bo-hyun.

According to the show’s writer Song Jae-jung, the second season of Yumi’s Cells will focus on the relationship of the drama’s heroine and her co-worker Yoo Ba-bi, played by GOT7’s Jinyoung.


In a previous interview, voice actors from the series shared what they thought of the series’ unconventional format of combining its live-action scenes with animated scenes of interactions between the “cells” in Yumi’s head.

“Our homework was to dissolve the distance that people feel when it comes to an animated work. I know that some people dislike the fact that the content has been dubbed,” explained Park Ji-yoon, who voiced the “emotional” cell. “I didn’t want our performance to hinder their immersion into the story, so I tried to not to sound too childish when I acted.”