Kim Go-eun is charmed by GOT7’s Jinyoung in ‘Yumi’s Cells’ season two teaser

The new season premieres next month

TVING has unveiled a new teaser for the upcoming second season of Yumi’s Cells, starring Kim Go-eun and GOT7’s Jinyoung.

In the new teaser, Yumi’s brain cells recap the series’ first season, reflecting on the ups and downs of her relationship with Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun). The cells voice their dismay as the romance ultimately ends in heartbreak, and the writer cell announces: “That’s why I’ve prepared this! It’s the script for Season 2!”

The cells celebrate as a new scene with Yoo Ba-bi (GOT7’s Jinyoung), Yumi’s co-worker and new love interest begins. “Let’s go together,” Yoo says, while Yumi appears to hesitate, stating that she is not sure if she can. “You can,” he adds.


Earlier this month, TVING revealed that the new season of Yumi’s Cells is set to premiere exclusively on the South Korean streaming platform on June 10. It also unveiled several new looks at the drama’s return through a series of social media posts, where the new season was dubbed as “the second story of Yumi and the cells”.

Based on a web comic of the same name, Yumi’s Cells tells the story of an office worker named Yumi from her brain cells’ point of view. Its first season, which aired last year, detailed her brain cells’ attempts to revive her love cells, who had fallen into a coma after a failed relationship through her connection with game developer Go Woong.

In a previous interview, Kim Go-eun opened up about the cast and crew’s bond while working on set. “We’ve been together through thick and thin for nearly a year now, so the members of the Yumi’s Cells family often start laughing just from looking into each other’s eyes,” she said.

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