Kim Go-eun and Ahn Bo-hyun cross paths for the first time in new trailer for ‘Yumi’s Cells’

The romantic drama is set to premiere on September 17

tvN has unveiled the main trailer for its the upcoming drama Yumi’s Cells, starring Kim Go-eun and Ahn Bo-hyun.

In the new trailer, Yumi (played by Kim) starts developing feelings for Woo Gi (portrayed by SHINee’s Minho). When she attempts to strike up a conversation with him about working late fail, however, she gets embarrassed and retreats in her own head. Her brain cells, who are shown as cute animations, decide that something needs to change in order to end her dating slump.

The trailer ends with Yumi and Goo Woong (played by Ahn) running into each other in the park, with Goo Woong introducing himself to Yumi in an awkward monotone voice.


This isn’t the first time tvN has shown viewers a glimpse into Yumi’s return to romantic relationships. In a teaser released last month, Yumi and Goo Woong share a moment after the pair decide to have coffee before parting ways. As Goo Woong picks a larger mug to brew their coffee in, Yumi wonders if he doesn’t want her to leave.

Yumi’s brain cells, meanwhile, excitedly watch the scene play out between the two of them – until one of the cells accidentally unplugs the screen.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells tells the story of an office worker named Yumi from her brain cells’ point of view. After a failed relationship sends her love cells into a coma, the drama follows the brain cells’ attempts to revive the sleeping love cells as Yumi encounters game developer Go Woong and forms relationships with her co-workers.

Yumi’s Cells is set to premiere on September 17 at 10:50pm KST, with new episodes airing every Friday and Saturday. The drama will be released on tvN, as well as streaming sites TVING and iQiyi.


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