Watch Ben&Ben’s tearjerking music video for ‘Magpahinga’

Starring award-winning veteran actor Joel Torre and actress-director Bela Padilla

Filipino folk-pop band Ben&Ben have dropped a heartfelt music video for their latest single, the piano ballad ‘Magpahinga’.

The video arrived on YouTube on Sunday evening (May 23). It stars award-winning veteran actor Joel Torre as a doting father and and actress-director Bela Padilla as his daughter who is struggling with a terminal illness.

Stretching to nearly 11 minutes, the poignant visual was directed by Ben&Ben’s frequent collaborator Jorel Lising. Watch it below.


Despite the tearjerking plot, the video provides a message of reassurance that everything will be alright, Ben&Ben said in a statement.

“The video explores the relationship between a father and a daughter, and the emotional burden that comes with having to say goodbye,” guitarist and lead vocalist Paolo Benjamin said in a press release.

“It isn’t easy to come to terms with mortality, but it also brings out the most tender moments and cathartic resolutions.”

Guitarist and lead vocalist Miguel Benjamin said the band enjoyed learning about the award-winning actors’ process and technique by observing the two thespians, who come from “very different but distinct” artistic generations.

“We loved seeing them get deep into character and really owning their roles wholeheartedly. There was a clear respect for the craft, and the message we all wanted to convey was there.”


Praising the two leads, keyboardist Patricia Lasaten said: “There was a moment in the filming of the video where you could really feel the thickness of heightened tensions in the room because of the nature of the scene. That’s how real it was.”

The nine-piece group released ‘Magpahinga’ on May 14, following the romantic single ‘Upuan’. Both songs will be featured in their upcoming second album. The band have yet to confirm a title or release date.

Since launching their debut album ‘Limasawa Street’ in 2019, Ben&Ben have released several singles, including ‘Di Ka Sayang’ and ‘Kapangyarihan’ in 2020, followed by ‘Inevitable’ on Valentine’s Day this year.