Watch Joji’s Renaissance painting-inspired video for ‘777’

Released days after his virtual concert 'The Extravaganza'

Joji has released a music video for the song ‘777’ from his latest album ‘Nectar’.

Directed by New York-based artist Saad Moosajee, the video brings elements of a Renaissance painting to life to create a contemporary depiction of Heaven.

The ‘777’ video is an Apple Music exclusive, but fans can watch it on production company Pomp & Clout’s Vimeo page.


Watch the full video below.

In a behind-the-scenes video – also an Apple Music Exclusive – producer Russell Greene explained that since they couldn’t involve too many people in the video due to COVID-19 restrictions, they used motion capture on dancer and choreographer Maya Man for its the characters.

“We decided to use motion capture as a very effective and creative tool and allow our performer to play all these different characters in various scenes,” Greene said.

“As the video progressed, it’s been wild to see my movement on all these different characters in all different colours and shapes. It was really special,” Man added.

Moosajee said that they used Unreal Engine, a 3D creation tool owned by Fortnite developer Epic Games, to create the visual effects.


The music video is an exclusive release as part of Apple’s newly launched 24-hour music video livestream channel, Apple Music TV.

‘777’ is a track from Joji’s sophomore album ‘Nectar,’ released last September on 88rising. It’s the second music video from the album, with the first being ‘Your Man’ back in September.

On October 23, the Japanese-American singer recently held a one-night-only online concert called Joji Presents: The Extravaganza.

The concert saw Joji donning various outfits (including a Minion costume), and doing activities like cooking an egg, playing circus parlour games, and refereeing an MMA match. Watch 88rising’s recap video below.