Watch Ozzy Osbourne introduce WWE Survivor Series with Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’

Osbourne is in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame

Ozzy Osbourne made a surprise cameo in a video package for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) over the weekend, as the company held its annual Survivor Series event.

The show, which took place on Saturday night (November 26) in Boston, used two of Osbourne’s songs as themes: ‘Parasite’, the Zakk Wylde-featuring track from his latest album ‘Patient Number 9’, and the Black Sabbath song ‘War Pigs’. The latter was used in the show’s introduction, in anticipation of the “War Games” stipulation match that pits two teams of five wrestlers against one another across two rings and inside a steel cage.

In the video, footage of Osbourne singing along to ‘War Pigs’ while sitting in a throne is interspersed with shots of wrestlers such as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (the cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Drew McIntyre and the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair.


At the conclusion of the package, Osbourne says “Welcome to War Games”, before letting out his signature evil laugh. Watch the video below:

In a press conference that took place after the event, WWE Hall Of Famer and current head of creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque revealed that he had been in talks with Osbourne to appear at Survivor Series in person and perform ‘War Pigs’ live. However, Levesque noted that “the timing wasn’t right” and a deal was struck to film Osbourne’s video appearance instead.

Osbourne has appeared at several WWE events over the years, with his first appearance for the company taking place in 1986 at WrestleMania in Chicago. There, he accompanied the tag team The British Bulldogs to the ring for their match against The Dream Team. In 2007, Osbourne appeared live on an episode of WWE Smackdown to perform his song ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, which was the theme song for that year’s Judgment Day event.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne made a joint appearance on WWE Raw in 2009, where they served as the show’s guest hosts. In both 2020 and 2021, Osbourne’s 2019 song ‘Straight To Hell’ was used as the theme song for the company’s Hell In A Cell events. Osbourne was later inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, joining the hall’s celebrity wing for his appearances and contributions to the company.

‘Patient Number 9’, Osbourne’s 13th solo album, was released in September. In a four-star reviewNME described the album as “something of a miracle”.


“At 73 years old and battling with his health, you might not expect Osbourne to keep that bar particularly high,” it read. “But, for the most part, ‘Patient Number 9’ does just that – it’s a fizzing piece of hard-rock magic.”

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