Watch Sal Priadi, Nadin Amizah and Kunto Aji star in a musical film together

The 45-minute film 'Limina | Limen' combines music, theatre, and dance choreography

Indonesian singer-songwriters Sal Priadi, Nadin Amizah, and Kunto Aji have all appeared in a new musical film titled Limina | Limen.

The film, part of telecommunications company IM3 Ooredoo’s “Collabonation” programme, premiered on YouTube on Friday evening (June 25).

Written and directed by Yudi Ahta, the 45-minute film combines music, theatre, and dance choreography. Telling a story about loss and helplessness, it was inspired by current events, especially the coronavirus pandemic which had forced people to re-examine their way of living, according to


The plot of Limina | Limen was arranged and detailed based on characters, imagery, and atmosphere of five songs performed by the three participating musicians.

According to the Jakarta Post, Limina | Limen is divided into three distinct parts, titled ‘Reflection’, ‘Purification’, and ‘Transformation.’ The film also depicts the experience of loss, powerlessness, and human resilience in the face of trials and tribulations.

Sal Priadi sang ‘Di Timur’ (‘At East’), while Nadin performed the song ‘Kereta Ini Melaju Dengan Cepat’ (‘This Car is Accelerating Swiftly’), and Kunto showcased ‘Rehat’ (‘Rest’).

Towards the latter part of Limina | Limen, Nadin teamed up with Sal for their 2019 collaborative single ‘Amin Paling Serius’ and Kunto for last year’s ‘Selaras’.

Watch the 45-minute film below.



Director Yudi said that the filming process for Limina | Limen ran smoothly. “This is because we were given ample space to dialogue, and create something that is perhaps new for those involved. To me, this is an important matter in collaborating,” he told Medcom.

“From the beginning, we were very attracted to the idea of this collaboration, and at the same time were curious as to how Yudi Ahta would respond to our songs to be turned into a musical-theatre film,” Sal said.

On Instagram, Kunto noted the film was a new experience for him as a musician. “The opportunity in #Collabonation this time had proven fruitful in my exploration of the body and movement. How movement is able to provide many illustrations for a message, especially for one’s own work.”

Nadin said via her own post that she did not take long to agree to the collaboration. “It is beyond what I imagined. I really like the results of this #collabonation, it feels really different to be able to make music into many other forms of art.”


In February, Sal released his latest single ‘Serta Mulia’, following his 2020 debut album ‘Berhati’, which ranked in the 20th spot in NME‘s 25 best Asian albums of 2020 list.

Nadin most recently released a new EP entitled ‘Kalah Bertaruh’ in May, while Kunto’s sophomore album ‘Mantra Mantra’ was released in 2018.