Watch The Juans’ smooth cover of James Reid’s ‘Soda’

The five-piece put their own spin on Reid's single

Filipino pop rock band The Juans have released a cover of ‘Soda’ by Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter James Reid.

The five-piece released the cover yesterday on their official YouTube channel, putting their own spin on Reid’s single, which was just released in March this year.

Watch The Juans’ cover of ‘Soda’ below:


The Juans recently released their latest single ‘Pangalawang Bitaw’ last November. The group made it on to Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in February as a result of the popularity of the single and other 2020 song ‘Sirang Plaka’. The Next Big Sound chart follows the fastest-rising musicians around the world across social media and music streaming platforms.

In April, ‘Sirang Plaka’ also took the top spot on Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart, placing them ahead of Olivia Rodrigo‘s ‘Wondering’ as the most searched lyrics of that week globally.

The Juans comprise frontman Carl Guevarra, guitarist and vocalist Japs Mendoza, guitarist RJ Cruz, bassist Chael Adriano and drummer Joshua Coronel.

Besides songs like ‘Umaga’ and ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’, the Filipino boy band have been regularly singing for movie soundtracks, contributing songs such as ‘Balisong’, ‘Darkness Fell’ and ‘Yan Tayo, Eh’ for Filipino films 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story and Squad Goals.