Yeule covers Grimes, Frank Ocean, The Velvet Underground and more on new release

The album will be issued with a limited edition book of drawings by the London-based Singaporean artist

Yeule has issued covers of songs by Grimes, Frank Ocean, The Velvet Underground, and more on ‘Nuclear War Post X – The Covers Record’.

The album, consisting entirely of cover recordings, was released via Bayonet Records today (August 31). Its arrival was preceded by a cover of Adrianne Lenker’s ‘Two Reverse’ shared last week.

‘Nuclear War Post X’ sees Yeule tackling a bevy of music spanning decades – they approach songs mostly with a sparse acoustic arrangement, infusing elements of industrial and glitch, whilst enlisting electric guitar (as heard on ‘Off You’, written by The Breeders), drums (Melody Echo Chamber’s ‘Quand Vas Tu Rentrer’) and piano (Kin Leonn’s ‘(untitled)’) on others.


Yeule’s cover of Haley Heynderickx’s ‘The Bug Collector’, first shared last September, is also included in the album.

A visualizer for the album, filmed by Wanjie Li, was released on YouTube. Watch it below.

In an Instagram post, Yeule crafted a fictional first-person account of a nuclear war survivor to accompany the album. On the release, they wrote: “I imagined these sounds as gateways to a dystopian world. Illusions of safety, disordered landscapes, and irking silence, now broken.”

The album is being issued with a diary book of drawings by Yeule, also known as the ‘Nuclear War Post X Diary’, which is available via Bayonet Records. The release is limited to 150 copies.


Last month, Yeule released ‘Serotonin X’, an EP that saw tracks from their 2019 album ‘Serotonin II’ remixed by Leonn, vaporwave producer George Clanton, dj poolboi and more.

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