Lucia & The Best Boys – ‘The State of Things’ EP review: ’80s sheen and a truly remarkable voice

Glasgow stalwarts look to the '80s for inspiration on their grandiose new EP

In recent years, few cities can boast the type of raw creativity and talent seen from Glasgow. A hotbed of musical talent has emerged across the city, with the likes of goth-pop phenomenon The Ninth Wave and the thumping guitar rhythms of Luna The Professor supporting and challenging each other to up the game with every show and release.

Lucia & The Best Boys have been at its core since early 2017. Sold-out gigs in the city’s most-famed venues, while each release since the ‘Best Boy’ EP – including 2020’s ‘Eternity’ – builds on the indie beginnings into something far more grandiose.


‘The State of Things’ gleans a whole new sound and persona from Lucia, as the sensitive and heartfelt lyrics in this EP act entirely different to that of ‘Eternity’. Instead, raw heartbreak emerges on ‘Let Go’: “It’s okay if you want to let go, if there’s no way for me to make you stay”, lead singer Lucia Fairfull belts out with serious gusto.

‘Perfectly Untrue’ begins with a catchy guitar rhythm which, with the harmonies and ‘80s energy, indicates a maturing sound. ‘Forever Forget’ harnesses this also but Lucia’s husky tone – a totally unique one, at that – adds something truly special to every moment. When ‘Let Go’ takes things down a notch, Lucia’s vocals showcase both strength and vulnerability – it’s spectacular.

Although the Glasgow scene’s vibrant live scene is on pause for a little while longer, Lucia’s new EP, shows that their creativity certainly won’t be stopped.


The State Of Things EP

  • Release date: October 9
  • Record label: Sweet Jane

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