Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud’s new song ‘Obey’ is a massive, genre-bending call-to-arms

The sound of a very, very fun revolution, this metal and EDM-inspired banger is an ode to kicking against the pricks and having a good time in the process

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has long been pushing back against a world that kept telling him what he couldn’t do. 2015 arena-ready anthem ‘True Friends’ saw him spit venom behind a wicked grin and last year’s ‘heavy metal’ was a furious two-fingered salute to all the people who find joy in criticising his metal band’s ambitious, genre-blurring forward momentum.

“There will be no peaceful revolution,” he promised seven years ago on the visceral snarl of ‘Antivist’. And today’s he is back with the same fire-starting passion. Despite using anger to fuel their 16-year career, he’s never been as furious as he is on ‘Obey’.

And he’s not the only one. Doncaster’s Yungblud has never been afraid to call out the bullshit of the modern world, using his bubblegum punk as the soundtrack to the building of a more inclusive environment. But on ‘Obey’, he’s ready to take to the streets under a storm of crunching guitars and electronic chaos. Taking influence from Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot and Pendulum, ‘Obey’ is the heaviest track Yungblud has ever dabbled with – but he makes himself right at home.

“The world doesn’t need light-hearted pop music right now – it needs anthems for anger. There’s so much to be pissed off about,” Sykes recently told NME in the midst of revealing details of his band’s massive, upcoming four-record ‘Post Human’ project. Well, ‘Obey’ captures that rage in a bottle. Full of nu-metal angst and The Prodigy’s apocalyptic rave, with a shiny stadium-sized chorus, this track is another genre-bender that finds the Sheffield band at their most ferocious.

And it’s made even bigger when Yungblud tears into his verse like a kid opening presents at Christmas. Wearing a joker’s smile, his giddy rage-rap quickly boils over into all-out fury as he wakes up to “another day, another systematic nightmare”. Heavy metal mixed with pulsating synths, ‘Obey’ demands that you question authority. “Obey,” Sykes roars sarcastically. “Whatever you do, just don’t wake up and smell the corruption.”

This is Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud at their inspirational best. “It’s not the time to say, ‘These days shall pass’ and ‘Everything will be OK’, because it won’t fucking be OK unless we fucking do something about it,” Sykes said in that NME interview. ‘Obey’ is an empowering anthem that will make you want stand up and do something about the absolute state of the world.

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