Track Reviews

Adele’s voice has never sounded better than on her stunning new song ‘Easy On Me’

This song will chime with anyone going through a quarter-life crisis, a mid-life crisis, or just a crisis of a hangover

LIGHTSUM’s ‘Vivace’ is a promising first comeback from a girl group still in search of its identity

The CUBE Entertainment rookies return with three songs that each march to their own beat, but sacrifice cohesiveness along the way

f(x)’s Luna’s lofty ‘Madonna’ ambitions falls short in comeback digital single

A courageous musical approach that otherwise holds the singer back from displaying her true strengths

TWICE serve up disco delights on glistening global single ‘The Feels’

The JYP Entertainment girl group’s first official English single is an infectiously fun bop with confidence to match

Coldplay and BTS’ new song ‘My Universe’ is a celestial ode to unity, hope and the power of love

Two of the biggest bands in the world team up for a sparkling single that highlights their predilection for poetic. heartfelt pop

MAMAMOO play it way too safe on fluffy, disco-inspired single ‘mumumumuch’

Thankfully, the rest of their new compilation album ‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ largely lives up to the group’s legacy

Lisa’s dull and empty ‘Lalisa’ is far from the solo debut the BLACKPINK rapper deserves

The idol is the third member of the YG girl group to step into the spotlight on her own, but her first single album falls disappointingly flat

ABBA’s two new songs mark a classy and heartwarming comeback from the pop greats

The Swedish icons make a poignant return with 'I Still Have Faith In You' and 'Don't Shut Me Down'

‘Rumors’, Lizzo’s new song with Cardi B, is a dizzying, multi-layered return

The two superstars tear through the online echo chamber

The Weeknd ushers in his next era with deliciously dark new song ‘Take My Breath’

Abel Tesfaye waves goodbye to 'After Hours' – and that red blazer