Track Reviews

The Killers and Bruce Springsteen’s new song ‘Dustland’ finds the icons uniting two generations

It's amazing it's taken these American Dream merchants 13 years to team up

LIGHTSUM’s ‘Vanilla’ is a sweet and powerful sugar rush of a debut

The new girl group from CUBE Entertainment make a promising start on their first release

Lorde’s new song ‘Solar Power’ is a gorgeous, sun-kissed rebirth

Ella Yelich O’Connor shakes off the ‘Melodrama‘ blues and joyfully starts anew

EVERGLOW channel warrior princess energy on ferocious new single ‘First’

For their three-song effort ‘Last Melody’, the girl group make the ambitious attempt to present a K-pop trifecta: a banger, a bop and a ballad

While fun, TRI.BE’s maximalist pop on ‘Rub-A-Dum’ lacks creativity and imagination

The septet’s attempt to replicate their debut success on their sophomore offering ‘Conmigo’ proves to be a less successful follow-up

BTS’ ‘Butter’ is a cool, crisp summer anthem that doubles as a potent shot of self-confidence

The Korean superstars return with their second English-language single and an early contender for Song Of The Summer

On bright new song ‘Higher Power’, Coldplay reach for the stars like never before

The track takes everything Chris Martin and co. have learned from a lifetime of dreaming and launches their talent into outer space

Billie Eilish’s ‘Your Power’ is a quietly potent response to abuse of power

By stripping things back, the teen superstar pulls us in to a more intimate confrontation on the latest single from 'Happier Than Ever'

STAYC’s ‘STAYDOM’ is a low-key, summer-ready comeback that manages to hit all the right notes

The rookie K-pop girl group take a far more relaxed approach on their sophomore offering – though it’s anything but boring

Hoshi’s captivating and sensual new song ‘Spider’ points at a promising solo career

An elevated – if a little predictable – take on sultry R&B popular among male K-pop soloists