Extraordinary Attorney Woo

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ among Netflix’s most popular non-English shows of all time

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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ is Netflix’s most-watched non-English TV show for second week running

The K-drama about a lawyer with autism has logged viewing hours for the week of July 11-17 exceeded only by 'Stranger Things' and 'Resident Evil'

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ director Yoo In-sik expresses gratitude on the show’s success so far

‘[The drama] has turned into a field filled with blooming flowers”

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ becomes Netflix’s most-watched non-English TV show

Other dramas on the list include 'Money Heist - Joint Economic Area' and 'Ghost Doctor'

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ to be adapted into a webtoon

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