Yoo Ah-in issues public apology amid police investigation into drug allegations

"I hurt myself and my career as an actor, and I feel great regret and shame"

Yoo Ah-in to be called in by police for questioning as soon as next week

South Korean police say they are currently analysing materials seized from the actor's home

‘Hellbound’ actor Yoo Ah-in tests positive for propofol and marijuana

United Artists Agency, Yoo's management agency, has since responded to the latest development in investigations into the actor's alleged drug use

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The partnership will reportedly spawn new games, TV series, movies and more

Netflix says it has to “keep pace” with investments in Korean content

"All our rivals are aggressively investing in the Korean market"

‘Hellbound”s Yoo Ah-in to star in new Netflix K-drama from ‘My Name’ director

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