Semantic Error

Hit BL K-drama ‘Semantic Error’ was made based on “values”, says streaming platform

Watcha says its vision is to "to make a variety of content where everyone's differences are accepted"

DONGKIZ’s songs surge up Korean charts after success of ‘Semantic Error’

The recent surge has inspired the group to release new music later this year

‘Semantic Error’ director reveals the script originally didn’t feature a kiss scene

It was added after being suggested by lead actor Park Seo-ham

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan says his label tried to stop him from starring in BL K-drama ‘Semantic Error’

"They asked me, ‘Will you really be okay?’, ‘Are you sure you can do this?’"

‘Semantic Error’: watch the new teaser for the upcoming BL K-drama

Starring DONGKIZ's Jaechan and former KNK member Park Seo-ham