Single's Inferno

‘Single’s Inferno”s Song Ji-a to step away from social media, privates all posts

The 'Single’s Inferno' star said she will be "taking the time to continuously reflect upon my actions"

‘Single’s Inferno”s Song Ji-a threatens to take legal action against malicious rumours

The lifestyle YouTuber had previously come under fire for sporting counterfeit designer goods

‘Single’s Inferno’: Kim Hyun-joong reveals why he unfollowed Song Ji-a on Instagram

"Honestly, I had no idea that there was a controversy at the time"

‘Single’s Inferno’: Song Ji-a apologises for wearing fake designer goods on the show

“As someone who has dreamed of launching a brand, I will recognise the severity of the issue"

‘Single’s Inferno”s Song Ji-a insists the series wasn’t scripted at all

"All the participants acted the way they wanted”

‘Single’s Inferno’ producers say they had “no restrictions” when casting the show

"As long as they fit the colour of the program and they were honest people, we recruited them for the show"

‘The Silent Sea’ is Netflix’s most-watched non-English series of the week

Other South Korean TV series on the list include 'Our Beloved Summer' and 'Single’s Inferno'

‘Single’s Inferno’ enters Top 10 of Netflix’s most-watched TV shows globally

It has become the first South Korean reality series to do so