Single's Inferno

‘Single’s Inferno”s Choi Si-hun reportedly cast in upcoming BL K-drama

'New Employee' will air on Watcha, the streaming platform behind 'Semantic Error'

‘Single’s Inferno’’s Song Ji-a returns to YouTube after half-year absence

The influencer had been on a hiatus following a controversy involving counterfeit designer goods

‘Single’s Inferno”s Kang So-yeon drops new song ‘Loca Loca’

The reality TV star described the track as a “special gift” for fans

‘Single’s Inferno’ star Kang So-yeon teases return to music

Kang was once a K-pop idol, as a member of the co-ed group WE

Netflix officially confirms a second season of ‘Single’s Inferno’

Netflix teases that the second season will be “even hotter”

Netflix reportedly working on second season of ‘Single’s Inferno’

However, Netflix says that “nothing has been decided"