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The show is based on the smash 1997 slasher film

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Nicolas Cage will not play Joe Exotic after Amazon’s ‘Tiger King’ series is shelved

"[Amazon] felt at one point that it was lightning in a bottle, but that point has since faded into the distance and it’s no longer relevant"

Amazon in talks with Chris Pratt for ‘The Tomorrow War’ sequel

The news comes after the first film was watched by 2.4million US households last weekend

‘The Boys’ is getting a ‘Vought News’ spin-off ahead of season three

The digital series will act as a bridge between season two and three

Final ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ movie to stream worldwide on Amazon Prime Video

In August, all four ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ movies will be available on the streaming service

Simon Pegg is adapting ‘Galaxy Quest’ for TV

The original 1999 sci-fi comedy starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Sam Rockwell