Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David confronted Elon Musk at a wedding over Republican support

“Do you just want to murder kids in schools?”

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fans left “gutted” as show reportedly set to end

"Even at its worst, still one of the funniest shows on television"

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11 almost ended with Larry David’s death

"We shot as if it was going to be the last one ever"

Larry David says he doesn’t know why he hasn’t been cancelled yet

"The fans of the show don’t care about political correctness"

Larry David confirms ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will return for season 12

The show's COVID-delayed 11th season finally arrived in late 2021

Larry David reflects on his life and career in new HBO documentary trailer

The two-part documentary will be released next month

Larry David seen plugging his ears at New York Fashion Week in viral clip

The star was spotted doing the same at the US Open