Donald Trump

Robert De Niro takes aim at “stupid” Donald Trump while discussing “evil” men

“There are people who still think he can do a good job”

Jason Sudeikis says Donald Trump inspired changes to ‘Ted Lasso’

The character was originally more “belligerent”

Akademiks takes a photo with Donald Trump at UFC fight

"Might have to take up Uncle Trump on his offer of being His Vice President 2024"

James Corden jokes that Donald Trump is “guilty as sin” amid arrest claims

I like that even Trump’s going, ‘I don’t need to wait until this is over to know that I’m guilty, man. I’m guilty as sin'”

Ted Nugent urges Trump supporters to “remain peaceful” if former President is arrested

"Let the other side show their hate and their dishonesty"

Paris Hilton says she “pretended” to vote for Donald Trump in 2016

"He was furious and intimidated the shit out of me on the phone"