Gamescom 2022

‘Stranded: Alien Dawn’ is a sci-fi mash-up of ‘The Sims’ and ‘Lost’

Casual players and die-hard micromanagers alike can find something to love in this promising survival sim

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Cyborn's sci-fi adventure needs to be seen to be believed

‘Scorn’ doesn’t demo well, but that’s a good thing

Ebb Software’s Beksiński-inspired bonanza is a feast for the eyes and the fingers

‘High On Life’ preview: slapstick (s)laughter

'High On Life' is a tongue-in-cheek joy that doesn't sacrifice thrills for laughs

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ is taking the series in a bolder, better direction

'Company Of Heroes 3' is shaping up to be a runaway hit for the series, with a phenomenal new campaign map and brutal skirmish mode

‘Evil West’ is a shooter that’ll take you to hell and back

Vampire hunting has never felt this good

‘Under The Waves’ is an intriguing aquatic adventure where all is not as it seems

Just when you're getting comfortable, 'Under The Waves' throws your expectations out of the airlock