‘Ready Player One’ author launches new metaverse studio and ‘Fortnite’-inspired “multi-IP” game

The 'Readyverse' has been co-founded by Ernest Cline and AI tech company Futureverse

Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton among Meta’s new AI chatbots

Other celebrities enlisted by the company include Tom Brady and Kendall Jenner

‘Doom’ creator wants devs to avoid shutting down games, following a number of high-profile closures

“Every game should make sure they still work at some level without central server support”

Square Enix will be “most focused” on blockchain entertainment in 2023

“Multiple blockchain games based on original IPs [are] under development”

Meta to host VR Notorious B.I.G. concert with realistic avatar of the rapper

Diddy and Latto are set to perform at the virtual reality concert, in honour of the late rapper's 50th birthday year

Elton John has created his own ‘Roblox’ land that will host a special virtual performance

"‘Beyond The Yellow Brick Road' is the next step on that journey as I prepare to step away from live touring after 50 years on the road"

Ozzy Osbourne to star at Metaverse music festival

Over 100 acts will be performing at the virtual event next month

Yungblud and Madison Beer are performing in ‘Roblox’ this weekend

The virtual concert aims to “celebrate self-expression through music”

Charlie Puth to perform metaverse gig using ‘Fortnite’

iHeartMedia’s iHeartLand was built using 'Fortnite' Creative and will host 20 major events in the next year