Today’s Wordle answer and hints for #466 on September 28

There's no need to lose your streak - here's the 'Wordle' answer for today

‘Genshin Impact’ 3.2 will introduce two new characters

Layla the student and Nahida the lesser lord will join the game soon

Twitch has safety upgrades “in development” following report on alleged grooming

"If it’s valid, the data you reference demonstrates that we are not offering the level of protection we strive for yet," shared a Twitch executive

Twitch is slashing income for bigger streamers on “premium deals”

Twitch says it won't be moving to 70/30 revenue splits, with "the cost of service" to blame

‘Genshin Impact’ 3.1 banners confirmed along with free codes

The game's next big update has been revealed, along with a surprise trailer for a 'Genshin Impact' anime

‘Call Of Duty Warzone: Mobile’ reveals 120-player carnage in first trailer

'Warzone Mobile' is set to feature 120-player matches and will share a battle pass with 'Modern Warfare 2'

Steam users are being targeted with a sophisticated hacking scam

The "browser-in-the-browser" hack disguises a phishing site as a login authenticator for Steam

Marvel teams up with Niantic for ‘Pokémon Go’-style game ‘Marvel World of Heroes’

Players will create their own superhero and take them out on missions around their neighbourhood