Russia bans SoundCloud over “false information” regarding Ukraine war

Access has been restricted due to alleged "placement of materials containing false information regarding the nature of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine"

Warner Music Group becomes first major label to adopt fan-powered royalties system

It follows in the footsteps of SoundCloud who launched the new model last year

SoundCloud to cut nearly 20 per cent of its workforce

"Today’s change positions SoundCloud for the long run and puts us on a path to sustained profitability"

SoundCloud say Portishead song streamed using its royalty model earned 500 per cent more

The band's Geoff Barrow called the user-centric royalty model "a real opportunity for people who want to support artists"

SoundCloud becomes first streaming service to introduce fan-powered royalties

Streaming payments will be directed to the artists that users are listening to