Steam Deck

Valve says Steam Deck can run the latest games without any issues

"We haven't really found something we could throw at this device that it couldn't handle"

Ubisoft considering releasing games on Steam Deck “if it’s big”

That won't stop some Steam Deck users from accessing Epic Games or Ubisoft digital stores anyway

Update to Steam Deck specs indicates a better running handheld

Finer details of Steam Deck's RAM have been revealed

Valve sees “long term benefits” to more PC handheld consoles

Gabe Newell wants to see more PC companies making Steam Decks

Valve’s Steam Deck has been built to avoid joystick drift

"Obviously every part will fail at some point, but we think people will be very satisfied and happy with this."

Half of Steam’s most popular games may not run on Steam Deck

Anti-cheat software is the culprit, but Valve is working to resolve this by launch

Valve throws down the handheld gauntlet with the Steam Deck

“Mr Newell, sir, what if we made our own Nintendo Switch but… better?”