Twitch kept a “do not ban” list to avoid punishing big streamers

Some streamers were given special treatment for bringing in high viewership

‘GTA Online’ Twitch streamers are being targeted with DDOS attacks

A big 'GTA Online' content creator has called out Rockstar Games' lack of PC security.

Twitch stream keys have been reset due to security breach

The streaming platform says this has been done "out of an abundance of caution"

Ofcom rules call for Twitch to better protect users from harmful content

Twitch, TikTok and other video platforms face fines for breaching guidelines

Twitch source code reportedly hacked in its entirety

Users of the platform are advised to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication

Twitch’s new boost feature encourages viewers to pay for advertising

"These types of placements come with a cost"

Streamlabs implements new Safe Mode to tackle hate raids on Twitch

The news follows a recent boycott by streamers on the platform

#ADayOffTwitch causes a significant drop in concurrent Twitch views

The protest saw a concurrent viewer drop of around 1million

xQc mocks Pokimane for not being the “bigger person” amid Twitch drama

Pokimane has been blocked by former friend, GreekGodx