Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music share live version of ‘Spark Up’ from isolation

The first "live" performance of the new single

Not so sunny after all: An update on Ball Park Music’s new album from isolation

Sam Cromack on the trying creation of their most eclectic album yet, being inspired by Nick Cave and the pandemic’s worrying impact on the band’s future

Ball Park Music announce new title of their upcoming album

It will no longer be called 'Mostly Sunny'

Ball Park Music might release a full album of ‘Good Mood’ demos

"It’s just sort of serendipitous that we have really tidy demo versions of every single song"

Courtney Barnett and Alex Lahey join second edition of ISOL-AID festival

Also featuring Jen Cloher, Georgia Maq, Sarah Blasko and many more

Ball Park Music announce new album ‘Mostly Sunny’ with first single, ‘Spark Up!’

"It's given us a lot of positivity... Hopefully it has the same effect on everyone else"