Billy Bragg

Graham Norton deletes Twitter after cancel culture comments

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Billy Bragg and Beton speak out on Ukrainian band’s use of Stepan Bandera imagery

"Our history is complex, and we accept there are very dark chapters in it," wrote the band

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Beton reworked The Clash’s iconic track to create ‘Kyiv Calling’

Billy Bragg welcomes new UEA protest song project

"Music has a great way of making you feel you're not the only person who feels this way"

Billy Bragg on why he’s made his lyrics trans-inclusive

"I want to be an ally to the trans and non-binary communities"

Billy Bragg updates 1991 single ‘Sexuality’ to support trans rights

“’Sexuality’ is a song about learning to respect difference”

Billy Bragg – ‘The Million Things That Never Happened’ review: an ode to common ground

The singer-songwriter's 13th album is a mellow and empathetic antidote to the chaos and confusion of modern life

Billy Bragg reflects on family heritage in new song ‘Pass It On’

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