Dave Grohl

Ringo Starr criticises 1970 Beatles documentary ‘Let It Be’ for being “too miserable”

"I said, 'There was lots of laughter, I was there, we were laughing, we were having fun'"

Resurfaced video shows Zach De La Rocha performing with Dave Grohl at 1994 Scream reunion show

The one-off performance took place at Hollywood's Dragonfly Club

Dave Grohl to host original music series with his mother for Paramount+

Paramount+ also plans to revive 'Behind The Laughter' and 'Yo! MTV Raps'

Dave Grohl says Kurt Cobain was “the greatest songwriter of our generation”

"It is one of my life’s greatest heartbreaks that Kurt isn’t still here to write more amazing songs"

Dave Grohl on why he turned down becoming Tom Petty’s drummer

"It would have just reminded me of being in Nirvana"

Dave Grohl on who he wants to induct Foo Fighters into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

He's hoping for a legendary drummer to do the honours if Foos secure their prestigious entry into the Hall

Dave Grohl shares album suggestions for kids who are homeschooling

"You don't want me helping you with trigonometry"