eaJ releases ‘Visions’, a song collaboration with ‘Valorant’

The former Day6 vocalist continues his collaboration with 'Valorant'

Ex-Day6 member eaJ calls being “cancelled” one of his “biggest fuck-ups”

"Unfortunately, it's what a lot of people know me for"

Ex-Day6 member eaJ opens up about being “very angry” at the K-pop system

“I think I carried that anger further than I needed to”

Jamie says she “had a talk” with ex-Day6’s Jae over “thot” remark

"Just a wake up call for Jae and for his future"

Ex-Day6 member Jae Park reveals he personally called Jamie to apologise

“I was like ‘I thought it was a joke’ and she said ‘Jae, that’s not a joke’”

Ex-Day6 member Jae Park apologises to Jamie for derogatory comments

"It was most definitely a comment made in poor taste and I feel terrible for making Jamie feel the way she does"

Day6’s Jae leaves the band and JYP Entertainment

Jae had previously told fans he was taking "a break" from group activities

Day6’s Jae hops on BIG Naughty’s new single ‘Stab’

The song was produced by K-hip-hop musician, dress

Day6’s Jae says he would like to collaborate with 88rising’s keshi and NIKI

He had previously teamed up with the former on tracks such as ‘pillows’ and ‘it just is’