Fever 333

Fever 333 on pulling down statues: “It’s great. We want to move forward”

"If there’s a statue that represents a long-standing history of racism, you shouldn’t be all that perplexed when people want to take it down."

Fever 333: “This is a sense of racism that is so deeply rooted throughout the world that it’s our neutral state”

Jason Aalon Butler talks to NME about their Blondie-approved new song 'Supremacy', Black Lives Matter and the changes we need to see in society.

Listen to FEVER 333’s new Blondie-sampling song ‘SUPREMACY’

The timely single was debuted during a recent Black Lives Matter live-stream

Watch FEVER 333’s powerful ‘Long Live The Innocent’ livestream in aid of Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter

"This is a power dynamic and it's been leveraged against people for generations. This is something we must address"