James Blunt

James Blunt to star in new documentary described as Spinal Tap meets Alan Partridge

"I’m not sure letting them film this was a good idea”

James Blunt’s music deployed in New Zealand to repel COVID protesters

Police have also been blasting out Barry Manilow's greatest hits and '90s Spanish pop smash 'Macarena'

James Blunt threatens to release new music on Spotify in protest against Joe Rogan

It follows on from Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulling their catalogues from the platform

James Blunt says coronavirus pandemic has been a “blessing in disguise” for his career

He said it allowed him to take so much-needed time away from music

James Blunt says he developed scurvy from eating an all meat diet to stick it to vegans

He claims he adopted the diet "out of principle" because all the women in his degree were "vegans or vegetarians"