John Lydon

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett says John Lydon converted him to an Arsenal fan

The guitarist discovered the club in the early 90s after reading John Lydon's autobiography

John Lydon distances himself from Sex Pistols, accuses them of “cashing in” on Queen’s death

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Sex Pistols share posts about Queen Elizabeth II’s death

The punk band famously released their single 'God Save The Queen' just before the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977

John Lydon on Sex Pistols series: “It’s dead against everything we once stood for”

"The only thing you’ve got of value in your life, and you’re going to cheapen that because you want an extra fiver?"

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Former frontman contradicts the message of 'Anarchy In The U.K.'

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John Lydon slams Sex Pistols biopic ‘Pistol’ as a “middle class fantasy”

Lydon says "Disney have stolen the past and created a fairytale, which bears little resemblance to the truth"