Kate Nash

Kate Nash opens up about future of ‘GLOW’: “It’s never completely the end these days”

"I feel like when we're in our 50s and 60s there will be a GLOW movie"

Kate Nash on how mental health shaped her new music and the future of ‘GLOW’

"Feeling like I couldn’t do what I did anymore made me so grateful to do it," she told NME

Listen to Kate Nash’s bittersweet new single ‘Misery’

"It's about the trauma: the trauma of everything changing"

Kate Nash urges music industry to change after 2021 festival bills reveal lack of non-male acts

The star has also promised to "do everything I can with my position to make changes"

Kate Nash speaks out against streaming model: “Music is not a club for the rich”

"Music is for all & it is a real job that demands fair pay"

Watch Kate Nash play Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ on a penny whistle

That's one way to pass the time during self-isolation