Ryu Su-jeong: “Sometimes I need to tell myself, ‘This is just a job’”

The ex-Lovelyz member gets candid about her experience in the K-pop industry and how she’s finding her voice as an independent artist

Lovelyz’s Ryu Su-jeong releases first album ‘Archive of Emotions’

She has also released a music video for her first English song, 'How Can I Get Your Love'

Lovelyz member Mijoo to make her solo debut next month

The K-pop idol and TV star will finally be releasing music

Lovelyz’s Mijoo is preparing to make her solo debut soon

“It’s still a secret. Nothing has been decided yet,” the singer previously said

Lovelyz’s Mijoo reportedly in talks to join Yoo Jae-suk’s agency Antenna

The Lovelyz member had worked with the comedian, who joined the agency in July, on several programmes

Lovelyz reportedly planned to release one “last album” before contract woes

"Some members have expressed resentment and disappointment towards Woollim"

Lovelyz address their departure from Woollim for the first time

"I think that we will always be one”

Lovelyz face uncertain future after members leave Woollim Entertainment

"Seven members... have decided to prepare for another start"

Lovelyz’s Jisoo tests positive for COVID-19, members cancel appearances

The group's remaining members have tested negative for COVID