MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is working on new solo music

However, RBW says the “exact timing of release” is currently undecided

MAMAMOO play it way too safe on fluffy, disco-inspired single ‘mumumumuch’

Thankfully, the rest of their new compilation album ‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ largely lives up to the group’s legacy

MAMAMOO throw a hotel party in music video for ‘mumumumuch’

‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ is out now

Hear a preview of all the songs from MAMAMOO’s upcoming compilation album

The upcoming project will also include the forthcoming single 'mumumumuch'

MAMAMOO announce release date of upcoming compilation album

‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’ arrives on September 15

MAMAMOO’s Wheein officially signs with Ravi’s THE L1VE label

"I will work hard at both solo promotions and MAMAMOO promotions from now on"

MAMAMOO’s Wheein reportedly in talks to sign with Ravi’s THE L1VE label

The label and the singer are "positively discussing an exclusive contract"

Rep for MAMAMOO’s Wheein denies she has signed with H1GHR MUSIC

"Wheein is receiving offers from various agencies, but nothing has been decided yet"

DPR Live drops vibrant ‘Hula Hoops’ teaser with Hwasa and Beenzino

His upcoming EP 'IITE COOL' drops later this week

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and DPR IAN to appear on DPR Live’s ‘IITE COOL’ EP

He also announced the release date for the highly anticipated project