Pink Floyd

Roger Waters asks Ukrainian First Lady to help “persuade our leaders to stop the slaughter” in open letter

The Pink Floyd member argued against the West "continuing to supply arms to the Kiev government's armies"

Pink Floyd reportedly set to make £400million from back catalogue sale

The likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and more have already sold the rights to their work in the last few years

Roger Waters defends branding Joe Biden as a war criminal: “He’s fuelling the fire in the Ukraine”

The former Pink Floyd leader is currently touring North America with his new show, ‘This Is Not A Drill’

Pink Floyd on track for rare top 20 appearance in charts

The track was released earlier this year to draw attention to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and to raise funds for those affected by the war

Pink Floyd are finally releasing their 2018 remaster of ‘Animals’

The release was initially axed because of a dispute over the remaster’s liner notes

Pink Floyd announce physical release of Ukraine benefit single ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’, their first song in 25 years

The single will be released on vinyl and CD alongside a reworked version of 'The Division Bell' cut 'A Great Day For Freedom'

Pink Floyd launch their own TikTok account

Fans can use snippets from classics including 'Money' and 'Comfortably Numb'

Pink Floyd reportedly in talks to sell back catalogue for hundreds of millions

The group reportedly entered talks to sell their back catalogue this week

Why new Ukraine benefit song ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ could be Pink Floyd’s perfect final act

The lumbering Goliath of a band have revived their name with an atypical track featuring Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk