Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on how the government have “made a right cock-up” of Brexit

"I’m livid. I’m livid, as a musician, about the loss of our movement in 27 countries and how it’s hamstrung us"

Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock announces new solo album ‘Consequences Coming’

The album, out in April, is being previewed by first single 'Head On A Stick'

Legendary fashion designer and activist Vivienne Westwood has died

The designer was integral in the British punk movement and helped shape the scene with her clothing

Paul Cook on if Sex Pistols might ever reunite again

"I think we’re too old to be singing ‘Anarchy In The UK’ at our age anyway!"

Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! – Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook

The Sex Pistols drummer takes the ultimate test

Songs about the Queen see spike in streaming

The Smiths’ 1986 song ‘The Queen Is Dead’ saw the biggest uptick in streaming numbers, rising by 1,687 per cent

John Lydon distances himself from Sex Pistols, accuses them of “cashing in” on Queen’s death

The band have denied the claims, saying “nothing new related to ‘God Save The Queen’ is being promoted”

Sex Pistols share posts about Queen Elizabeth II’s death

The punk band famously released their single 'God Save The Queen' just before the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977