The Drones

Mike Noga, former drummer of The Drones, has died at 43

He released three solo albums and played with The Drones for over a decade

The Drones announce reissue of debut album ‘Here Come the Lies’

The band's debut was first released in 2002

The Drones share new live album, ‘Live Vol. 3’

Featuring material recorded around the release of 2006's 'Gala Mill'

The Drones release new live album, ‘LIVE Vol. 2’

The second release in a series of archival recordings

The Drones release live recordings from 2001 to 2004

Featuring an archival interview with future guitarist Dan Luscombe

Gareth Liddiard and Rui Pereira make pre-Drones album ‘Bong Odyssey’ available to stream

Recorded over five years in Fremantle before they upped and left for Melbourne