Trivium’s Matt Heafy shares new Ibaraki single ‘Rōnin’ featuring Gerard Way

The My Chemical Romance frontman supplied all the screamed vocals on this song from Heafy's upcoming solo black metal album, 'Rashomon'

Trivium’s Matt Heafy announces debut album from black metal solo project

The project, titled Ibaraki, will release debut LP 'Rashomon' in May, and its first single is streaming now

Trivium’s Matt Heafy shares first single from long-awaited black metal project

'Tamashii No Houkai' was the "turning point" for the album's creation, according to the frontman

Trivium’s Matt Heafy has finally written music for a game – and this is just the beginning

Matt Heafy has taken over Twitch, but he’s not content with dominating just one side of the games business; he wants in on development, too.

Trivium’s Matt Heafy calls out Machine Gun Kelly for “wearing a 16-year-old pop punk cosplay identity”

He also nicknames the pop-punk star 'Squirt Gun Smelly' following a beef with Slipknot

Trivium’s Matt Heafy reveals plans to release black metal album

The upcoming LP will feature Emperor's Ihsahn and Behemoth's Nergal

Trivium’s Matt Heafy tests positive for COVID-19: “Fortunately I’m vaccinated”

He said it feels "merely like a tour cold", but that his dad hasn't been so lucky

Listen to Matt Heafy’s new Mike Shinoda-produced track ‘In Defiance’

Heafy says the track is "unlike anything I’ve ever created"

Trivium’s Matt Heafy shares ‘What The Dead Men Say’ acoustic EP

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Trivium’s Matt Heafy shares ‘Ascendancy’ acoustic EP

The frontman has promised that more acoustic re-workings of the band's previous albums are on the way